Cruise "Rivers of West Africa" ​​from Dakar, 8 days

Cost from 137000
Duration: 8 дней

Cruise description

We invite you to cruise the program "Rivers of West Africa". The tour is designed for 8 days / 7 nights. The route goes through Dakar (Senegal) - the most western city of the African continent, the Saloun River and the Gambia, the fishing village of Djiffere, the reserves of Tendab, Banjul, Abuko and Macasutu.

The trip will take place on the luxury mega yacht "HARMONY V", which meets the most stringent safety requirements of SOLAS. The living room and the dining room of the ship are located both in closed and in open areas. 25 cabins are located on 2 decks and are furnished in modern style. Cabins are equipped with large windows, bathrooms with shower. All cabins are air-conditioned and equipped with flat-screen TV, telephone (for internal use). There are hair dryers, mini-fridge, central music, speakerphone and safes.

Characteristics of the yacht:

  • Length - 55 m
  • Renovation Year - 2009
  • Cabins - 25
  • Capacity - 49 passengers
  • Crew - 16-18 people


  • The route may be changed as a result of the weather and other factors that are not under the control of the crew.
  • All optional excursions are not included in the cruise package and we recommend purchasing them in advance. You can also buy them on the ship, but availability is not guaranteed.

Tour program:

1 day

Dakar - Senegal

Boarding the ship from 14.00 to 18.00. After lunch, we head south to the Saloun River Delta. Overnight in the sea, heading south along the coast.



Day 2

Djiffere / Senegal - Banjul / Gambia

This morning we reach the Sin-Saloun delta in Senegal, where the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is located. It is a natural habitat for many bird species, as well as for aquatic animals such as sea turtles, dolphins, manatees and crocodiles. Our optional excursion begins in the fishing village of Djiffere. Then we will go to the village of Joal, located on the island of Fadiut - the island of shells, which are used in the construction of local buildings and crafts. In the afternoon, we leave Senegal and the Saloun delta and head south to the Gambia to reach Banjul, the capital of the Gambia and the gate to the 700-mile river of the Gambia. Night fishing. Overnight in Banjul.


3 day

Banjul - Reserve Abuco / Gambia

In the morning in Banjul you will have the opportunity to make additional half-day excursions to Bacau to the Kahikalli crocodile park, to the botanical garden and a short tour to Banjul. At noon, we leave Banjul and sail upstream to Tendaba. We will approach Tendaba late in the evening. Night at the dock in Tendaba.


4 day

Tendaba / Gambia

In the morning, we transfer to motorboats to get to Tendaba, where an optional excursion will take place. It is a small fishing village with approximately 600 inhabitants, whose main occupation is fishing. Here, the majority are Muslims. From there, we will go to Batelling, a small village at the entrance to Kiang West National Park. The park boasts over 250 species of birds, many of which are difficult to see elsewhere. There are Guinean baboons, warthogs, Senegalese galago and marsh mongoose. After a refreshing stop in Batelling, we will take an open safari truck that will take us back to Tendaba. On the way back, we again pass by local villages, where you will get an idea of ​​local life in the Gambia. In the afternoon, you will have an additional excursion to the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve. This reserve, located opposite the Kiang West National Park, includes six main tributaries, which provide excellent opportunities for fishing and boating. Numerous rare and migratory birds also live here, including the fishing owl Pela, the African foot and the brown-necked parrot. Night at the dock in Tendaba.


5 day

Gambia River - Kuntaur - Gambia / Gambia River National Park

Early in the morning we leave Tendaba and sail up the river Gambia to get to Kuntaur. In the afternoon, we are waiting for arrival at the bustling Gambian port city of Kuntaur, the last stop along the river, which is suitable for navigation of ocean-going ships. Later in the afternoon, we board a large motor boat for an additional 3-hour cruise along the Gambia River. First we will head to the southernmost tip of Baboon Island, one of the five islands of the Gambia National Park. There, a local national park ranger joins us to give more information about the park and its fauna and flora. Then we turn around and the motorboat slowly floats back to Kuntaur. Pay attention to the shore along the water. Baboon Island is the place where a chimp rehabilitation project is being carried out. If we are lucky, then from our boat we will be able to closely watch the chimpanzees with minimal intrusion. There is also an opportunity to see hippos, crocodiles, red colobuses, green monkeys and the famous bird life of the Gambia. We return to Kuntaur, where we are met by "Kankurang" and a local dance group at the pier. Night at the dock in Kuntaur.

6 day

Kuntaur - Janjanbureh - Kaur / Gambia

This morning there will be an optional excursion by bus, which will take us to the Janjanbureh ferry station. There we take the local ferry for a short cruise on the Gambia River in Janjunbureh. We begin our tour with a visit to one of the oldest cities in the Gambia, formerly called Georgetown. During the walk, you will get an idea about this peaceful city and see the residence of the governor, the market and the Methodist church with your school. After we take the bus to get to Lamina Koto. Later we will stop at the mysterious stone circles in Vassa. This megalithic site is considered a burial site a few thousand years ago. You will visit the small museum of this archaeological monument, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the afternoon, after lunch, we sail downstream to Kaur, a small fishing village on the shores of the Gambia. You will have the opportunity to stroll around this small community and see how the Gambians live today. In the evening, we leave Kaur and sail downstream to Banjul. Farewell dinner with the captain.

    7 day

    Kunta Kinteh Island - Banjul / Gambia

    This morning we will anchor off St. James Island in the middle of the Gambia River. It was an important point in the slave trade during British rule in the Gambia. In 1976, James Island became famous for its author Alex Haley and his best-selling book "Roots", about a slave named Kunta Kinteh. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Additional walking tour, during which the guide will tell you about the history of James Island, and then you will have some time to explore this island on your own. After lunch, we leave Kunta Kinteh to get to Banjul around 4 p.m. After the formalities, late in the evening we will leave the mouth of the Gambia River to the Atlantic Ocean and go north to Dakar. Gambian night with a concert on instruments. Overnight at the sea in Dakar.

    8 day

    Dakar / Senegal

    Early morning arrival in Dakar. Landing from the ship after breakfast.

    Categories of cabins and cost:

    • Cat. С the main deck - 137,000 rubles. (for 1 person in a cabin for two)
    • Cat. B the main deck - 167,000 rubles. (for 1 person in a cabin for two)
    • Cat. A the upper deck - 205,500 rubles. (for 1 person in a cabin for two)
    • Cat. P the upper deck - 248,300 rubles. (for 1 person in a cabin for two)

    Surcharge for single occupancy - 50%


    • The third person in the cabin Cat. A - 30%
    • Child 7-10 years old in a cabin for three Cat. A (2 adults at full price) - 50%
    • A child of 11-16 years old in a cabin for three Cat. A (2 adults at full price) - 35%
    • Early booking before April 30, 2019 - 20%
    • Early booking in the period from May 1 to October 10, 2019 - 10%

    Included in the price:

    • The price is for one passenger staying in a double cabin on the main deck
    • Stay 7 nights / 8 days in double cabins with shower, toilet
    • Air conditioning
    • Full board: welcome cocktail, breakfast, lunch, dinner, barbecue
    • Coffee, tea and drinking water
    • Snorkeling equipment, fishing gear
    • English speaking guide on the ship

    Not included in the price:

    • Beach Tours
    • Tips for the crew
    • Personal expenses of the passenger
    • Drinks (except those mentioned above)
    • Wi-Fi
    • Port fees - 21,600 rubles






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