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Cruise in Norway from Bergen 17.08 - 24.08.2019

Cost from 95700
Marina Hjellestad
Duration: 8 дней

Cruise description

During this journey you visit the town of Bergen which is also called the “Gate to the Norwegian fjords”, stop in the cozy local villages and walk their surroundings, drink pure water from the mountain rivers, take a look at the old manor of Baroniet Rosendal and the surrounding magnificent park, pass by the colorful houses in the fishing villages, see one of the largest glaciers of Folgefonna, take pictures in probably the most iconic place in Norway - the Troll’s Tongue and of course admire the fabulous beauty of the fjords.

On the way we are welcomed by the virgin nature of Norway: mirrored sea surface, fjords, and waterfalls, as well as active fishing. Yacht fishing in Norway exceeds all expectations of sea fishing lovers! In the Norwegian seas you can catch huge cod, haddock, sea bass, Atlantic salmon, halibut and other fish.

Brief information:

  • Cruise dates 17.08 - 24.08.19
  • Country - Norway
  • Cruise area - Bergen
  • Yacht - Sun Odyssey 449
  • Number of guests - 8
  • Weather forecast - + 9 /+13

Yacht parameters:

  • Name - Sun Odyssey 449 
  • Cabins - 4
  • Year of construction - 2017
  • Length of the yacht - 14 m
  • Width - 4 m
  • Equipment: refrigerators, kitchen with gas stove, heater, hot water, dishes and WI-FI

Day 1. August 17th

Pick-up at Hjellestad marina, 15 km from Bergen airport. Check in and acceptance of the yacht. Purchase of food.

Day 2. August 18th

Hjellestad - Rosendal sail

Rosendal is a part of a unique nature reserve stretching from Hardanger Fjord to the Folgefonna Glacier. These places surprise even experienced tourists with natural splendor: fjords, glaciers, mountains, and waterfalls.  Rosendal Marina is located in a picturesque area at the foot of several mountains. From the top of each of them descending mountain rivers carry their flows to the sea. Many tourists come here to admire the manor of Baroniet Rosendal, a garden of stones, an ancient church, and a very beautiful large waterfall.

Day 3. August 19th

Rosendal - Jondal sail

Jondal is located at the foot of the famous Folgefonna Glacier - the third largest glacier in Norway. Guests can take the bus to the top of the glacier and go skiing or snowboarding. From here you can walk to take photos of the famous Troll's Tongue.

Day 4. August 20th

Jondal - Espevar sail

You visit the island in a cozy Norwegian village with a population of only 140 people. This place is popular with Norwegian yachtsmen: colorful houses of locals with well-groomed gardens, hills covered with mosses, mirrored smooth sea, tranquility, and silence pleasantly surprise and soothe you. Here you can take a stroll and pick up mushrooms, as well as see whales in the strait.

Day 5. August 21th

Espevar - Bekkärvik sail

On the way there are plenty of places for excellent fishing.

Day 6. August 22th

Bekkjarvik- Hjellestad sail

Fishing at the skjers with much various fish larger than that by the fjords. Return to Bergen.

Day 7. August 23th

Bergen tour

Founded in 1070, Bergen has always been a city of seafarers. In the Middle Ages, it became the most important trade port where the exchange of dried fish for salt and wheat flourished. Up to now, the fish market Torget looks the same as it did many centuries ago. Every day from 7 a.m. fresh cod, pollack, shrimp, crabs, and other seafood are sold here. In addition, you should definitely visit the Gallery of Audun Hetland,  one of the best caricaturists in Norway, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Hanseatic Museum and walk along the Hanseatic Embankment in the Bryggen quarter, a masterpiece of medieval architecture on UNESCO's World Heritage List.  

Day 8. August 24th

Check out from the yacht. Returning home.


Moscow (SVO) - Helsinki
 10:45 - 12:35 (flight time 1:50)
 Helsinki - Bergen
 15:20 - 16:15 (flight time 1:55)

* You can travel to or from Bergen to Oslo by rail. The railway runs through the mountains and is considered one of the most beautiful railways in the world



Bergen - Helsinki
 11:25 - 14:20 (flight time 1:55)
Helsinki - Moscow (SVO)
 17:40 - 19:20 (flight time 1:40)

Included in the price:

Price per person

  • A bed in a double cabin
  • Russian-speaking professional skipper on board
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Cleaning of the yacht at the end of the cruise

Not included in the price:

  • Flight
  • Transfers and taxis
  • Fuel for the yacht (price divided between all crew members)
  • Ridings at the marinas
  • Meals
  • Visa processing
  • It is recommended to bring along strong alcoholic beverages as the prices are 2-3 times higher and there are restrictions on the time of sale.






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