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Cruise on the yacht “Ibiza Del Mar” (July 20-27, 2019)

Cost from 111200
Port de Mallorca
Duration: 1 неделя

Cruise description

Promo! 140 euro discount for reservations made until February 2019.

Take a 7-day cruise to Ibiza, enjoy life on a sailing yacht, admire beautiful ports and wonderful anchorages. In fact, there are two Ibizas. One exists in stereotypes about the incessant party where models crowd the area, where there are luxury cars, super-yachts, best DJs, rivers of champagne. This is Ibiza. The second one is the resort island of the Balearic archipelago with a rich historical heritage, wonderful nature and the best conditions for a yacht party in the region. This is Ibiza (Eivissa) We go to see both.

Over the years of yachting at Ibiza, we've learned the important thing — never judge Ibiza before you go around it in a circle. You're still going to be fundamentally wrong. Here, wild bays are side by side with wild parties, and you can move from one to another in minutes. It became this way thanks to the hippies who naturally turned the quiet island into the center of the style, counter-culture, freedom, and music. Famous hippie handmade markets are still thriving in cities and are visited by the best fashion designers of Europe in search of inspiration and prototypes.

Also, Ibiza is a place of nostalgia for those days when music and the manifesto of independence were not brought to the electronic music stores, but to the wilderness of night raves on the wild islands and coasts, where only thin layers of handmade fabric (and sometimes its absence) were between people and the space. And you meet dawn on warm stones, with the sound of the surf, hugging eternity.

You visit 3 cities, 3 islands and an endless beach (the city of Palma de Mallorca, Sant Antoni de Portmany and Ibiza, the islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera, the beaches of Honda and Iyetas). The cruise takes place on the catamaran BALI 4.0 (4 double cabins) - the model range of catamarans Bali of the French shipyard Catana has become incredibly popular in recent years. Today. Bali is considered the most comfortable catamaran in its budget class. You see that for yourself - the vessel is fast, beautiful, comfortable and incredibly spacious. In total, up to 8 people can go on a cruise. One cabin is designed for two people.

Ibiza is beautiful in July. The temperature of about 29 degrees Celsius stays until September, dropping at night to 25. Water is heated to 25 degrees, so if swimming at night, you don't feel the difference.


The route and the program can be changed due to weather conditions or at the request of the participants.


Saturday July 20

As always, we recommend that you arrive in Palma a few days before the start of the cruise. The ancient Balearic capital, by the way, was founded by the Romans before Christ. Of course, there's something to see. The most popular attractions of Palma are Gothic and Baroque cathedrals and buildings - the Cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Francis, the Palace of Almudena and the Renaissance art gallery located in the building of the Naval Consulate.
In any case, the first evening in Palma is dedicated to promenade and communication to make your stay pleasant and interesting.


Sunday, July 21

Today, our bodies not yet exhausted by the soulful yacht rest are welcomed by the waters of the bay and the sands of the beach of Portinatx. This small cozy city is our warm-up before storming Ibiza wonders and pleasures. We have something to think and talk about, don't we? It becomes obvious when sipping a cocktail on the deck or right in warm clear water near the swimming bridge.

You need to get ready for it. Aperitifs, digestives, and snacks should be selected carefully and in advance. The cozy taverns and streets of Portinatx create philosophical mood. But do not get carried away, tomorrow we strive for an eternal party.



Monday, July 22

Sant Antoni de Portmany is the city where the world-famous Café del Mar is located, where we meet the sunset, and the equally famous Carrer de Santa Agnès street where we see a street party.
Remember to return to the yacht before the dawn! As much as you think you want to stay here, Ibiza is ahead of us.


Tuesday July 23

Today we have a party on the beach of Jondal, and therefore we move south, along the picturesque west coast, past the islands of Es Vedra and the Pirate Cape. It so happened that in Jondal Bay there are two clubs - Tropicana Beach and Blue Marlin. Competition between them leads to infernal beach parties, in the midst of which we land from the sea wave, storming the bar and the dance floor.
You might ask about the quality of sleep in this noisy place. First of all, sleeping in Ibiza is a sin. And secondly, just around the corner, there is a quiet bay Port Porroig, which Poseidon created for this purpose. Here we anchor.


Wednesday July 24

The southern coves of Formentera await us, and it's quite hard to get there on land. For this reason, we get some privacy during bathing and resting. Guests can spend time on the beach.

In the afternoon we head to Eivissa, the capital of Ibiza, to visit its wonderful ancient castle and quite modern streets. However, do not expect to see a metropolis, it is a very small capital city by the standards of central Europe, not much bigger than the nearby airport.



Thursday July 25

Today we visit officially the best beach in the world, Playa Illetas. and the Balearic miracle - green meadows of underwater grass Posidonia Oceanica. We anchor next to dense hectares that filter and saturate water with oxygen so that its transparency strikes the imagination.

On the beach it is necessary to make a pyramid of stones - this is a tradition. The mandatory part of the program is over and free time begins lightened up by the yachtsmen and the sea bars floating between the yachts. The sunset is much more amazing here than it is at Café del Mar.


Friday July 26

We return to Palma where we indulge in a leisurely package of impressions, and then of our suitcases. We hope that, if you did not have time to walk around Palma before the cruise, now you definitely stay here for a couple of days or even a week, to ride around the island and visit all its wonders.


Saturday July 27

Despite the last night's adventures, we have to leave the boat by 9:00. You feel it yourself on that Saturday morning, and now simply trust us - cruising on Balearic would be one of the best decisions you've ever taken in your life. 


On board:

  • Accommodation in a double cabin: Sailing cabins are small, lockable double rooms with comfortable wardrobes and drawers, portholes and bed linen.   
  • Shower and toilet: The catamaran is equipped with 3 showers and toilets. During anchorages in the ports we use specially equipped marina facilities.
  • Electricity and light: The catamaran is equipped with an autonomous 12-volt power grid with “car” sockets used at sea. In marinas on board there are 220 volts sockets connected to the coastal network. The vessel is equipped with a stereo system and lighting in all rooms.  
  • Kitchen and meals: The catamaran is equipped with a comfortable kitchen, the basic food supply is designed for breakfast, lunch, and snack on the yacht, but you can exceed this limit without any visible consequences. The recommended menu helps navigate the food stocks, including main and second courses, sandwiches, desserts, etc. Fresh and drinking water supplies are replenished in ports. 




Included in the price:

  • accommodation from Saturday to Saturday in a double cabin
  • two meals a day on board the yacht
  • bed linen
  • fuel costs
  • port anchorages
  • yacht fees
  • yacht photographer
  • basic theory of working with sails
  • basic practice of working with sails
  • basic theory of diving with breath-holding
  • basic practice of diving with breath-holding

Not included in the price:

  • travel costs
  • visa






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