Rubba Dhow Cruise to Khor Sham (3 nights, 4 days)

Cost from 101270
Port Al Khasab
Duration: 4 дня

Cruise description

Take a fascinating 3-night 4-day cruise on the traditional wooden dhow “Rubba” from Khasaba, Oman. Musandam is a governorate in Oman located on the peninsula of the same name. It is an exclave — from the land side, it is surrounded by area belonging to the United Arab Emirates. The coastline of the Musandam peninsula is rocky and very uneven, and the local fjords, in fact, could be taken as Norwegian, if not for a noticeable difference in ambient temperature. The coast of the peninsula is washed by the Strait of Hormuz.


In the XVIII century, the peninsula was called the “pirate coast”, because the Strait of Hormuz was indeed a place where the probability of a pirate attack was very high. There are beautiful secluded beaches and wild nature. Here is a real paradise for divers - a stunning underwater landscape with passage caves and incredible coral gardens, with a variety of fauna and water transparency of almost 20 meters. In the deep waters of the ocean, there is a lot of plankton which attracts much fish and other inhabitants of the seabed. Strait of Hormuz Strait is considered a top place for scuba diving, and the most favorable period for diving lasts from October to March.

On board Rubba up to 12 passengers in 6 cabins (4 doubles and 2 suites) can travel. Each cabin has a porthole, a private bathroom, air conditioning, a wardrobe, drawers, a mirror, and a smoke detector. On the upper deck there are cushions for sunbathing and relaxing. Here you can soak up the sun rays, or watch the starry sky. The outdoor dining area is completely shaded and spacious, there are 3 large dining tables. Guests can admire the surrounding views while enjoying fresh meals cooked on a barbeque grill or a stove. Available for guests:

  • comfortable lounge with sound system and plasma TV with satellite TV
  • galley (kitchen) 
  • dining area with 3 large tables
  • sun and relaxation area with cushions
  • Each sleeping cabin is equipped with: a bathroom, a porthole, air conditioning, a wardrobe, drawers, a mirror, and a smoke detector 
  • 2 toilets and 2 showers in the back
  • equipment for scuba diving and fishing
  • 2 kayaks (two-seat)
  • boat with an outboard motor
  • refrigerator and freezer
  • ice boxes and ice machine
  • barbecue grill
  • intercom connection between the rooms to the captain's cabin, a kitchen and a crew cabin
  • CCTV сameras

It is obligatory to have a passport with a mark of entry to the Emirates.


    Day one

    • From 9 a.m. pick up of the guests begins via company transport
    • At 12 arrival in Khasab
    • At 12.30, Rubba sets sail
    • Lunch, coffee and tea, soft drinks and dates,  Arabic coffee and fruit are served
    • At 17.30 Rubba anchors in the Khor Fjord (1 stop for snorkeling swimming, kayaking, and fishing)
    • Lunch at 19.30. After lunch, you have free time and go to bed.


      Day two

      • Breakfast at 8 a.m.
      • 10:00 Rubba sails to the village Kumzar. Visit to the village.

      Kumzar locals speak the language of Kumzari - a dialect of Persian (a rare endangered language). The Kumzars are descendants of fishermen who inhabited the coast of the Persian Gulf and Oman. For a long time, the Kumzars were in the forefront of historical events of the region - they served in armies of khaliphs and colonizers, helped conquer strategic territories, knew all the fairways in the Gulf. They were able to travel everywhere on time and were nicknamed “winged”. The villagers even speak a language that reflects their past historical activity. It is a mixture of Hindi, Farsi, Arabic, Portuguese, Baluchi, and English. Kumzar has no written language, is transmitted from generation to generation verbally and is considered a remnant of Portuguese influence of the XV-XVI centuries. However, since the beginning of the 20th century, the inhabitants of Kumzar have begun to separate themselves and only observe the rest of the insane world from their fjord.

      At first glance, Kumzar seems to be a place disappointed in civilization. However, the houses have fresh water and electricity generated by a tidal station built by the Government of Oman, a hospital and a helicopter landing site are free of charge available to anyone in need. Internet and satellite TV were also mastered by the Kumzars long time ago, but they are clearly not in a hurry to reach out to the world - here, on the edge of the peninsula Musandam, among the rocks, they feel quite all right.

      Interestingly, they often go fishing in the deep water accompanied by Iranian, American and Omani warships with which the Strait of Hormuz teems, and collect fish stunned by the passing giant tankers. 

      • 12.30 arrival to the island of Hamra in Khor Shisha (we stop to swim, snorkel, kayak, and fish).
      • Lunch with soft drinks, coffee, tea 
      • After lunch, Rubba sails to Khor Shabus. On the way, there is another stop in the village Al Balad. Visiting the village, observing the way of life. A village lost in the mountains with endless date plantations.
      • 16.30 arrival at Khor Shabus near Shabus village. (we stop for snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing)
      • 19.30 dinner. After lunch, you have free time and go to bed.


        Day three

        • 6.30 early wake up
        • Breakfast. Departure to Khor Nadjd
        • At 8.30 arrival in Khor Nadjd. Departure for a mountain safari.
        • At 9 a.m., all the cars leave for a mountain safari on 4 wd Landcruiser cars. 
        • Destination: mountain Jabel Harim

        Mountain Jebel Harim, literally the “Mountain of women” 2087 m, is the highest peak of the Musandam. The mountain takes its name from those days when local women took refuge in the caves to avoid pirates or rival tribes who stole women while their male residents were away on extended fishing or trade expeditions. The actual summit is home to a radar station tracking transport to the Strait of Hormuz with spectacular views to Khasab and then to Dibba. Many of the rocks are also dotted with beautifully preserved fossils, offering a wonderful view of ancient underwater creatures - mollusks, fish, and numerous trilobites, 

        • Return to the boat after the safari
        • 13:00 lunch on the boat
        • 14.00 sail towards LIma
        • On the way, we have one stop for snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing
        • At 16.00 we go ashore and visit the village Lima.

        Lima is a small coastal village on the north-east coast of Oman, known for its local crafts. The only ferry routes from the port are Shinas and Dibba. The entire village of Lima is famous for its impressive mountains, warm weather and amazing landscape which create the ideal setting for a day walk, and even in the evening the weather is still quite pleasant. The village of Lima is so small that everything here is located within walking distance. 

        The most sought-after thing is Al Jarz, is a small ax usually carved from wood grown in the village. Al Jarz is synonymous with Lima and is often bought by tourists as a souvenir. Al Jarz is a small iron head mounted on a long stick (usually made of Jubel or Al Mayz wood, species of trees growing in Musandam). Al-Jarz is a unique tool used by men in Musandam. In the past, various traditional uses of Al Jarz included wood chopping, tree-climbing tools, canes, and weapons.

        • At 18.00 Return to Rubba. Dinner on Rubba. Overnight on Rubba near the village.


           Day four

          • 8.30 breakfast, return to Khasab
          • Stop near the Strait of Hormuz (snorkeling fishing, swimming, kayaking)
          • 12.00 lunch
          • Return to the port of Khasab
          • Transfer back



            • Accommodation for two is possible in Dbl or Sgl cabin (single traveler stays alone in this room).
            • Accommodation for two is possible in a suite (VIP) cabin or Sgl (VIP) cabin for one person. 

            Check the prices for these accommodation options with the manager.

              Included in the price:

              The trip is organized even with 2 guests on board. Check-out is on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.  

              The price is indicated for the Dbl cabin per person if 2 people share the cabin.

              • A boat 
              • Fuel
              • Skipper
              • Water and soft drinks
              • Tea, coffee
              • Fruits, dates, sweets
              • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
              • Swimming and scuba diving equipment
              • Kayaks
              • Fishing equipment
              • Marine equipment and life jackets
              • Journey to Khor Sham, Khor Shisha, Khor Ndjd, Khor Shabus, Lima, villages Kumzar-Alb Belyad mountain safari to the highest point in Musandam, the Mountain of Women.

              Not included in the price:

              • Visa processing
              • Transfer per person from Dubai to Rubba and back - 260$

              Choose a yacht for the cruise

              • Доу Rubba
              • 12978
              • 80 person

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