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Sudan fishing: Nubian Reef (8 days/7 nights)
Sudan fishing: Nubian Reef - our journey begins from Port Sudan and further south aboard the catamaran Scuba Libre. Sudan is the largest country in Africa located in the north-east of the continent.  Here, Sudan has a coastline of the Red Sea, 650 km long and almost uninhabited.  The coastal zone of the Red Sea is full of active marine life and has a huge number of reefs, sometimes stretching many kilometers deep into the open sea. The coast offers a wide range of marine landscapes (such as deep-sea reef, shallow reef, flat, lagoons, mangroves and coral), many...
cost from 267500
Trophy fishing in Djibouti (8 days/7 nights)
We invite you to sea trophy fishing in the Red Sea near Djibouti. Djibouti is one of the best places for sea fishing. The best region for sea fishing is the archipelago of Seven Brothers. The populations of various fish here are huge and diverse. The size of the fish is larger than that in other regions. This is one of the best places in the world for fishing GT (giant trevally) especially in spring when this fish appears in large quantities and in very large sizes. Djibouti is an excellent fishing destination due to its strategic location between the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea,...
cost from 267500
Boat fishing around Mahé Island
We invite you to private fishing on the Boston Whaler 320 boat around Mahé Island. The waters of the Indian Ocean are perfect for fishing. Here live mackerel, tuna, barracuda, perch and other fish. You will be offered both large fish fishing and bottom fishing.Fishing takes place on the boat Boston Whaler 320.It is designed for a maximum of 4 people.The price is for the boat rental for 8 hours (9.00-17.00).Boat parameters:Model Boston Whaler...
cost from 137000
Trophy sea fishing in Dubai (8 hours)
We invite you to sea fishing near the islands of Dubai! During an 8-hour fishing charter, you'll take a motorboat to the distant islands of Dubai, such as Luna Island (30 miles) and Seer Abu Naer Island (50 miles). Along the way, you will be able to observe the magnificent views of Dubai from the sea: Burj Al Arab, Atlantis Hotel, skyscrapers in Dubai Marina.It is here that you will have every chance to catch the largest fish. Your catch can be tuna, talang queenfish, golden trevally, hardtail, barracuda, or sergeant fish. To catch these species of fish,...
cost from 110000
Sea fishing in Dubai (4 hours)
We invite you to a unique fishing trip in Dubai! Experience vivid emotions of real sea fishing during your holiday in Dubai. This is exciting and comfortable 4-hour fishing in the morning or afternoon with the views of the 7-star Burj Al Arab, Atlantis Hotel or 200 skyscrapers in Dubai Marina.Due to the construction of man-made islands Palm Jumeira and World in Dubai, many new reefs have emerged in the Persian Gulf, which have become a habitat for fry, which, in turn, attract predatory fish. Here you can catch talang queenfish, golden trevally, hardtail,...
cost from 84000
Cruise to Oman from Dubai with fishing (3 days)
We invite you to an amazing 3-day yacht tour from Dubai to the northern district of Oman. Musandam. Due to indescribable landscapes, a large number of secluded bays, islands, valleys and mountain ranges, the peninsula is often called “the Arabian Norway”. The Musandam peninsula is separated from the main part of Oman by the UAE territory.During this journey, you will enjoy a swim in the azure waters of the Arabian Sea, see dolphins and sea turtles, try to catch trophy fish and visit the old town and forts of the Musandam capital called...
cost from 292000
Diving safari “The Brothers Islands, Daedalus reefs and Elphinstone”
The Brothers Islands the peaks of two seamounts rising from the depths. They are located in the Red Sea 50 miles from the shore, near the town of Quseir. The islands are part of the marine park and offer breathtaking underwater landscapes for divers. The surface of seamounts is covered with soft corals of all colors, black and coral fans, among which you can observe all inhabitants of coral reefs.During diving off the Brothers Islands, you can explore the sunken Egyptian cargo ships Aida II and Numidia covered with soft and hard corals. The Daedalus Reef, also...
cost from 80000
Traditional Sinai Diving Safari (8 days/7 nights)
Take a diving safari 8 days/7 nights starting and ending in Sharm El Sheikh. Traditional Sinai safari route is suitable for almost every diver. It is a combination of conventional reef dives and wreck diving. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver - on this route everyone will have the opportunity to make very interesting dives. Visit the best places the North of the Red Sea has to offer. Magnificent dives in currents, sunken ships, reef walls, caves, plateaus. You will find a unique underwater world of local places.You need to have...
cost from 66690
Ras Mohamed-Tistlegorm Mini Safari (4 days/3 nights)
Take the Ras Mohamed-Tistlegorm Mini Safari tour (4 days/3 nights) starting and ending in Sharm El Sheikh. During this tour you will see and explore the legendary Red Sea wrecks and marine parks. The safari includes diving to the Thistlegorm wreck sunk in Suez Canal in 1941 and Ras Mohammed Marine Park. The tour is perfect for those who prefer to combine a diving safari with a rest on the beach.  You need to have at least OWD and 15 recorded dives. PADI OWDs can join night dives on...
cost from 27310
Mini safari “Ras Mohamed-Tiran” (4 days/3 nights)
Take a mini safari tour “Ras Mohamed-Tiran” (4 days/3 nights) starting and ending in Sharm el-Sheikh. This three-day safari is a very popular choice, especially if you want to combine your weekly vacation with land rest and excursions. Fantastic coral gardens, cliffs and endless walls, lots of tropical fish –  that's what you'll see! This safari is perfect for those who prefer to combine a diving safari with a rest on the beach.  You need to have at least a PADI Open...
cost from 28170