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Boat Katarina rental in Saint-Petersburg

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Marina: Lomonosov Bridge
Катер Катарина
Катер Катарина
Катер Катарина
Катер Катарина
Катер Катарина
Capacity: 11
1 Cabins
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Rent a boat 'Katarina »(Katarina) is possible to quiet walks through the city canals of St. Petersburg and the Neva River to conquer spaces at high speeds. Luxury Italian boat, made of solid mahogany, will amaze you with a combination of speed and sophistication. On the boat you can relax in the company of up to 11 people. In the bow of the boat is the cabin with seating and standing buffet table in the open part of the passengers can sit comfortably and enjoy the beauty of our city. Boat equipment: audio system with AUX / Bluetooth, interior heating system, open deck, cabin, refrigerator, solar awning, plaids.
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