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Ranieri Shark 19

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Marina: Pontile Castelletto (Garda Lake)
Катер Ranieri Shark 19
Катер Ranieri Shark 19
Катер Ranieri Shark 19
Катер Ranieri Shark 19
Ranieri Shark 19
Capacity: 7
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Boat rental in Italy is a great opportunity to enjoy the sea, the sun and beautiful lakes. The Ranieri Shark 19 boat in Italy is available for rent for a period of 2 hours for a company of 7 people with a start from the town of Brenzano, which is located on Lake Garda.
Shark 19 is the key to the comfort and safety of your family outing on a fine summer day . Increased safety on board, which is provided by side rails and a wide body, allows you to take even the smallest passengers on such a trip. High speed of the vessel and its stability on the water, which is achieved by placing the captain's seat and rudder in the center of the boat. 40 hp engine allows you to ride a boat without any boat licence.
You can rent a boat Ranieri Shark 19 in Italy on-line on our website.
83 / 1 hour
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