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Marina: Ao Yon
Катамаран TIKI 38
Катамаран TIKI 38
Катамаран TIKI 38
Катамаран TIKI 38
Capacity: 8
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Catamaran Tiki 38 is perfect for a group of up to 6 – 7 people. Easy to use, fast and manoeuvrable. A perfect choice for tropical life. A grating deck offers enough room for everybody on board, and the netting provides a desirable place for resting and relaxing. A unique ladder ensures easy access to bathing, a second ladder allows easy disembarkation. The cabins are bright and roomy. Hatches and portholes can be opened.
Beyond that, there are ceiling fans above all the beds. One shower stall/toilet and there’s another shower on deck. The galley is spacious, comfortable and well equipped with all the essentials. The cockpit is large and deep (safe for children). The awning can be stretched to its full size in a matter of minutes, when at anchor.
254 / 1 hour
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