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Motor yacht Arcadia 85 charter in Antibes

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Моторная яхта Arcadia 85
Моторная яхта Arcadia 85
Моторная яхта Arcadia 85
Моторная яхта Arcadia 85
Моторная яхта Arcadia 85
Arcadia 85
Capacity: 12
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The ARCADIA 85 motor yacht is a completely innovative product. The superstructure of the yacht is made entirely of glass on a stainless steel frame, which provide a panoramic view, the top of the superstructure is equipped with solar panels. The spacious cockpit can accommodate a large dining table and a comfortable sofa area for at least 15 people. The cockpit can be closed with sliding walls if desired.
the designers deliberately rejected the flybridge (duplicated ship control panel), preferring solar panels. The batteries give a voltage of 4 kW, which is quite enough for all the needs of the boat, unless, of course, you abuse the air conditioning. On a Sunny day, you can stand at anchor in absolute silence without turning on the generators.
the lower deck can accommodate 4 or 5 passenger cabins, depending on the customer's wishes. Two cabins for crew members are located separately in the bow of the hull.
economical 720-horsepower Man engines accelerate the boat to 18-19 knots. If desired, you can install a hybrid diesel-electric car. By default, which is rare for such relatively small yachts, zero speed stabilizers and the Hamman wastewater treatment system are installed. Before registering a yacht on the website, please check with the Manager at 8 800 5507176 for information about the availability of the vessel on the day and time you selected.
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