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Motor yacht Riva 86 charter in Cannes

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Marina: Port de Cannes, Jetée Albert Edouard
Моторная яхта Riva 86
Моторная яхта Riva 86
Моторная яхта Riva 86
Моторная яхта Riva 86
Моторная яхта Riva 86
Riva 86
Capacity: 12
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The shipyard equipped the Riva 86 with a pair of MTU 16 V 2000 M93 diesels of 2435 HP each. The engines are located in a huge engine compartment and installed on the contrary-the power take-off flange in the nose, and the rotation of the propeller shafts is carried out by means of an angular transmission V-drive.
a Decent-sized crew compartment (a company cabin, two double cabins, and the same number of bathrooms), in addition to accommodating the crew, also serves as a sound-proofing damper between the engine compartment and the passenger cabins. And to make sure that the yacht owner's peaceful sleep will not be disturbed by the noise of the generator or the gurgling of the desaliner, the master cabin's bathroom and dressing room are adjacent to the aft bulkhead, providing an additional barrier to mechanical sounds. The main trump card of the Riva, as always, is located in the heart of this beautiful ship — this is the owner's refined apartment.
Riva is proud that Riva 86 has two VIP cabins at once. In addition to the bow, it is also a guest cabin on the port side. It is voluminous and well planned, and a large double bed located across the body can be turned into two with the help of a sliding mechanism if desired. Still, the forward cabin is slightly larger-it is taller and more spacious, with two closets, an impressive size bathroom, and a centrally located bed. There is a large mirror at the head of the bed, and another on the opposite side. From a practical point of view, mirrors visually increase the volume of the room, and at night they create an interesting effect of infinity of space and multiplicity of worlds.
Finally, the third guest cabin. It is located on the port side and although not as spacious as the one opposite, it is quite comfortable, equipped with two beds and also its own bathroom; it has a second door to the salon and can be used as a day room.
at the time, Riva was the first shipyard that managed to combine both a flybridge and a large hatch in the hardtop in one boat, so that it was possible to open the cabin from above. The same concept is implemented on Riva 86. Although the flybridge is quite modest in size, you should not consider it superfluous: there is a large sunbed and a control room with a three-seater sofa. In other respects, the Riva 86 fully corresponds to the appearance of an open sports boat.
38 136 / 1 hour
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