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Motor yacht Sessa C30 charter in Ibiza

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Marina: Marina de Botafoch (Ibiza)
Моторная яхта Sessa C30
Моторная яхта Sessa C30
Моторная яхта Sessa C30
Моторная яхта Sessa C30
Моторная яхта Sessa C30
Sessa C30
Capacity: 8
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The Sessa C30 motor yachts are an element of luxury in the life of persons who are too lazy to tinker with sails.
On the bow there’s a teak space for sunbathing, and at the stern it’s difficult to fall off due to the shape of the yacht itself and the surfaces are not slippery. The place for sunbathing upon closer inspection turns out to be a dining table, which can be raised to the position necessary for a meal. Here you can take a nap after lunch, or even at night if the weather allows.
The layout of the yacht is delightful and in such a small space everything is optimized so that at any time of the day every meter is useful, and at the same time no one feels crowded. The interior finishes are also very elegant including oak on the floor, upholstered furniture in warm colors, and the illusion of a large space due to the raised awning and transom structure.
The cabin has spacious bunks and many small drawers. There’s also a WC, shower, mirror, and cupboard. Numerous portholes generously supply natural light, and there are few sources of artificial lighting, but enough to go to bed without a problem after sunset.
The set of gadgets onboard is almost overkill.
You can book the motor yacht Sessa C30 in Spain right now on our website.
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