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Sessa C30 HT

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Marina: Porto di Cannigione
Моторная яхта Sessa C30 HT
Моторная яхта Sessa C30 HT
Моторная яхта Sessa C30 HT
Моторная яхта Sessa C30 HT
Моторная яхта Sessa C30 HT
Sessa C30 HT
Capacity: 4
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Motor yachts Sessa C30 are an element of luxury in the life of a moreman who is too lazy to mess with sails.
the helmsman's Workplace is designed for the duet "the captain and his girlfriend": next to the reclining main chair, there is another one where you can sit or recline while taking a sun bath. And so that the girlfriend does not get into control, there are so many small sensors, devices and indicators on the dashboard that the eyes run away, and the beginner will not immediately be able to deal with all this. Many of them could be combined, but it's easy to keep track of them. Apparently, this is a design feature, so that the helmsman can feel almost like the owner of a complex spaceship.
there is a teak place for sunbathing on the bow, and also on the stern, it is quite difficult to fall off them due to the shape of the yacht itself and the fact that they are not slippery at all. The aft sunbathing area, on closer inspection, turns out to be a dining table that can be raised to the position needed for a meal. Here you can take a NAP after lunch, or at night, if the weather allows.
the layout of the yacht is a delight: in such a small space to optimize everything so that at any time of the day every meter was useful, and at the same time no one felt cramped – it's just fantastic! Interior finishes are also on top: oak on the floor, upholstered furniture in warm colors, the illusion of a large space due to the raised awning and transom design.
the cabin has spacious bunks, small drawers, but a lot of them. The bathroom has an electric toilet, shower, mirror, and locker. Numerous portholes generously provide natural light, artificial light sources are few, but enough to go to bed without problems after sunset.
a set of gadgets smacks of excess.
You can rent a motor yacht Sessa C30 in Italy online on our website. Before registering a yacht on the website, please check with the Manager at 8 800 5507176 for information about the availability of the vessel on the day and time selected by you.
3560 / 1 hour
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