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Motor yacht Sessa C46 charter in Espéro-pax

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Marina: Port de Mandelieu la Napoule
Моторная яхта Sessa C46
Моторная яхта Sessa C46
Моторная яхта Sessa C46
Моторная яхта Sessa C46
Моторная яхта Sessa C46
Sessa C46
Capacity: 11
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Stylish and maneuverable cruise boat with many interesting design and technical solutions. The lower salon is finished in accordance with the style of Sessa-warm natural materials in a laconic hi-tech design: bleached oak (even on the floor!), light leather, glossy plastic, shining chrome accents and corrugated velvet wall panels. The dining area is a large cozy sofa and a small table, which, however, is doubled thanks to a pair of folding "wings". Two poufs are attached to the table leg — you can sit around the table instead of crowding all together on the sofa. A large skylight opens directly under the windshield — so you only need electricity at dusk.
the C46 Aft platform is wide and convenient for swimming, especially since there is no need to store the tender here: it is removed to the garage with an electric door located under the sunbed. In the platform itself, two hatches are hidden, where it is convenient to store fenders, life jackets and a life raft. Another locker is located in the cockpit floor, and next to it is a hatch to the engine room. The cockpit decoration is dominated by teak-it is made of a table with a swivel leg that allows you to double it, as well as a bar that is very large and so stuffed with household appliances that it deserves the name of a mini-kitchen. There is a stove, a top-loading refrigerator (its wooden lid serves as a cutting Board), another refrigerator at the bottom, and an ice maker. Of course, there is also a sink with cold and hot water, built into the countertop of frosted glass.
the Dining area is converted into another sunbed. In the cockpit, a huge area of hard top allows you to open a good half of the upper deck. There is also a sofa-chaise — if you recline the back, you will find a flat LCD TV under it. In the master cabin, the floor is made in the form of an amphitheater, which allows you to optimize the height of the ceiling: a little lower above the bed, but high at the entrance. Three large portholes fill the cabin with daylight, and a pair of spacious wardrobes allows you to not limit the amount of clothing. In the forward cabin, two beds are connected into one large one, with lockers under each section. By the way, they are everywhere-including in the walls. There are also two bathrooms on Board. Despite the utilitarianism of these rooms, the design is outstanding. And 430 liters of water in the tank allow you to spend the weekend without refueling. Please contact the Manager at 8 800 5507176 for information about the availability of the boat on the day and time you selected before making a yacht rental on the website.
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