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Sailing yacht Dufour 412 GL for rent in Capo d'Orlando

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Marina: Marina di Capo D'Orlando (Sicily)
Парусная яхта Dufour 412 GL
Парусная яхта Dufour 412 GL
Парусная яхта Dufour 412 GL
Парусная яхта Dufour 412 GL
Парусная яхта Dufour 412 GL
Dufour 412 GL
Capacity: 8
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The Dufour 412 GL sailing yacht in Italy is available for booking from one week for a group of up to 11 guests starting from Sicily. The Dufour 412 GL standard layout with 3 cabins and 2 WCs is versatile and ideal for all applications from coastal to long-distance navigation. The large and spacious cockpit is divided into two areas, for yacht steering and relaxation. The deck and the cockpit are separated from the bow, stern, and deck equipment, which makes them more comfortable and safer. One of the seats of the cockpit unfolds and forms a sun lounge for resting.
The large swimming platform can be unfolded and opens up access to two spacious lockers for storage of a raft and diving equipment, etc. The galley kitchen at the bottom is of the classic U-shape, which is very practical at sea. Large capacity sliding refrigerators are located separately, which frees up a lot of storage space for stock in the galley. This configuration of the galley makes it isolated from the salon, and allows the cook to remain in contact with people in the cabin.
Another feature is the sliding and folding chart table. At sea it’s used for its intended purpose, and when mooring in a port it can be slid to form an additional seat and free space. A separate large and comfortable sofa on the starboard is perfect for resting and can be used as an extra bed.
The table in the salon has three options such as being folded as a dining table, coffee table, or folded and lowered as an additional sleeping place in the salon. The bright interior combined with side portholes and deck hatches creates a sense of comfort and space in the salon and cabins. You can book the sailing yacht Dufour 412 GL in Italy right now on our website.
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