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Sailing yacht Vismara 80 Nakupenda for rent in Porto Ercole

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Marina: Marina di Cala Galera
Парусная яхта Vismara 80 Nakupenda
Парусная яхта Vismara 80 Nakupenda
Парусная яхта Vismara 80 Nakupenda
Парусная яхта Vismara 80 Nakupenda
Парусная яхта Vismara 80 Nakupenda
Vismara 80 Nakupenda
Capacity: 11
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The Vismara V80 Nakupenda is based on the fiberglass hull used in all models of the Vismara line. The vessel is designed to accommodate 10 people, all rooms are spacious and ergonomic. There are also 2 crew members on Board. The onboard space is organized in such a way as to preserve the maximum privacy of the yacht owner and his guests, as well as to make their stay at sea comfortable in any weather.
the Spacious flybridge is completely dedicated to the needs of guests who can relax and enjoy the views, being reliably protected from splashes. The yacht's layout also includes two cockpits, a teak-lined bridge, and a spacious aft lounge with excellent views. The Central cockpit is slightly raised in relation to the deck, which is an ideal place to relax while the yacht is running: it offers the best views of the sea, so that guests can enjoy the panorama and the easy, smooth sailing of the sailboat.
with the onset of the evening, the main cabin company can become another platform for rest and communication. Thanks to Vismara's signature curved Windows facing the bow, as well as panoramic Windows on the sides of the yacht, the view from here is no worse. In rainy weather, the aft cockpit of the yacht is covered with transparent plastic. Before registering a yacht on the website, please check with the Manager at 8 800 5507176 for information about the availability of the vessel on the day and time selected by you.
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30 000 / 1 hour
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