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Yacht charter at the best price directly from the owners in Dubai


Headquartered in Dubai, our very experienced and dedicated team

Our experienced and dedicated team

About us

Anyships is a company offering online rental and sale of yachts and boats around the world. Anyships was founded by Georgy Kozhukhovsky 6 years ago with the goal of becoming a large technology web platform and mobile application offering all types of water recreation directly from the owners. This includes rental of all types of boats, cruises, boat tours, diving, kite safaris and sea fishing.

Anyships Products and Services

The company has developed a service that allows you to quickly and conveniently select and book any type of water holiday directly from the owners, without any intermediary markups. And it provides shipowners with a platform for maintaining a schedule of vessel availability, being a kind of airbnb for the world of yachting.

Achievements of Anyships

As of 2024, the Anyships database contains more than 350 shipowners and 1,700 vessels. The company has entered into agreements with six cruise operators, including Cristal Cruises and MOBY Srl, and launched boat booking services through the GettTaxi app in 2020, achieving significant coverage and daily bookings worldwide.

Presence of Anyships in the yacht and boat rental market

The company’s database includes more than 1,700 yachts and boats from 28 different countries available for rent, and is ready to connect via the API of any booking system. The company has access to more than 8,000 cruise itineraries provided by cruise lines and 11,000 yachts from European and American booking systems.

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Our team

General Director Mail: [email protected]
Account Director WhatsApp: +971 58 517 4744
Director of Development Mail: [email protected]
Head of Charter Department WhatsApp: +971 58 517 4744

We are proud that our team of professionals at Anyships has been selecting the perfect yachts for our clients for over 16 years.

Our work is an art, aimed at satisfying the demands of the most sophisticated audience who wish to explore the seas with the utmost comfort and style. Over the years, we have learned not just to adapt to market demands but also to anticipate our clients' expectations, offering only the best from the world of maritime leisure.

We operate in every corner of the planet - from sunny Miami to the picturesque Mediterranean coast, from the mesmerizing Caribbean to the luxurious UAE, and many other exotic destinations.

Our team is not just employees; we are like-minded professionals of the highest class, united by a common passion for the sea and the commitment to provide exceptional service. We continuously work on improving our services, update information on the condition of the yachts, and guarantee that each of your journeys with us will be unparalleled.

Allow us to make your next vacation unforgettable. With Anyships, your sea adventure begins the moment you choose your perfect yacht.

Anyships Growth and Revenue

Anyships has demonstrated strong growth and revenue potential, with revenues showing significant growth from 2017 to 2024, allowing the company to acquire its fleet and strengthen its market presence. The company aims to have a global presence, targeting a wide market with demand for yacht charter services in the UAE, Europe, USA, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.

Anyships investment request

The company is attracting funding from $1,000,000 to increase the size of the fleet and develop the project in the markets of the UAE, Europe, USA, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.

Anyships’ ambitious vision is to create a major platform for seamless operation of the boat rental and sales industry, offering a unique fleet management value proposition for shipowners, solving the problem of who to manage their yacht for income generation, and for the client, offering a large selection of yachts at the best prices.

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