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Which yachts can go out to the ocean?

To go out into the open ocean, special yachts are needed, which are highly durable, reliable and equipped with everything necessary for long sea crossings. Here are the main types of yachts that can go out to the ocean:

Ocean cruisers

Sailing Cruisers: These yachts are specially designed for long voyages in ocean conditions. They have a sturdy hull, usually made of steel or aluminum, and are equipped with everything necessary for autonomous navigation, including a navigation system, satellite communications and sufficient supplies of fuel and fresh water.

 – Examples: Oyster 565, Hallberg-Rassy 44, Amel 50.

Motor cruisers: Motor yachts for ocean crossings also have a solid construction and large fuel tanks, allowing them to cover long distances without refueling. They are equipped for a comfortable stay on board for several weeks or months.

   – Examples: Nordhavn 60, Fleming 55, Selene 54.

Expedition yachts

These yachts are designed for extreme conditions and are often used for research expeditions. They have reinforced hulls capable of withstanding ice loads and severe sea conditions.

   – Examples: Damen SeaXplorer, Numarine XP Series, Arksen 85.


Catamarans, due to their stability and spaciousness, are also suitable for ocean crossings. They provide a large living area and comfort in swimming.

   – Examples: Lagoon 620, Fountaine Pajot Alegria 67, Catana 53.


Trimarans, like catamarans, have high stability and speed, which makes them suitable for crossing oceans.

   – Examples: Neel 51, Dragonfly 40, Corsair 37.

Key features of ocean yachts:

Robust housing: Materials such as steel, aluminum or carbon fiber provide high strength and reliability.

Autonomy: Large fuel tanks, water desalination systems and sufficient provisions for a long voyage.

Navigation equipment: Modern navigation and satellite communication systems for safe and accurate navigation.

Comfort: Providing comfortable conditions for the crew for a long time, including heating, air conditioning and entertainment systems.

Choosing a yacht for ocean travel depends on the planned routes, budget and personal preferences, but the main thing is safety, reliability and the ability to withstand the harsh conditions of the open sea.

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