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Why do people go barefoot on yachts?

Yachts often prefer to go barefoot for several reasons:
Safety and deck protection
Avoiding damage: The soles of the shoes can damage the wooden or composite decks of yachts, leaving scratches and dents. This is especially true for yachts with a teak deck, which requires careful maintenance.
Cleanliness: Shoes can bring dirt, sand and pebbles on board, which can not only spoil the appearance, but also create potential dangers for people on board.
Convenience and comfort
Grip: The deck of a yacht is often wet and slippery, especially when moving. Bare feet provide better grip on the surface, which helps prevent falls and injuries.
Tactile sensations: Walking barefoot allows you to feel the deck surface better, which can be especially important when moving on uneven or wet surfaces.
Maritime traditions
Yachting traditions: There are well-established traditions and norms of behavior in the yachting world, one of which is walking barefoot on board. This is respect for the ship and its owner, as well as for other passengers.
Aesthetics: Walking barefoot is often associated with a certain aesthetic and lifestyle characteristic of a yacht vacation.
These reasons together make barefoot sailing a practical and reasonable choice, contributing to the safety, cleanliness and comfort of all on board.

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