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How to get rid of marine illness?

If you suffer from sea disease, then we offer several ways to reduce discomfort:

  1. To enter a place on a yacht, where the movement is not so noticeable and sit down or lie down there.
  2. Focus on the horizon or another stationary object to help the brain evaluate its position in space.
  3. Drink more pure water and avoid alcohol and strong coffee, as this can aggravate the symptoms.
  4. Try to hold on to the ventilated areas of the ship to avoid smells that can strengthen marine illness.
  5. Depending on individual preferences, you can also use special medicines for marine illness.
    It is important to pay attention that each person reacts differently to marine illness, so it is important to try different methods to find the one that suits you personally. If the symptoms become too unpleasant or remain for a long time, you should contact the captain.

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