Questions and answers (boat trips and rent vessels in Russia)

What is the best way to dress for a night out on marine transport?

How do I get to the pier? Where can I find information?

Can I take food or drinks on board?

Can I change my ticket to another day if the weather is bad?

Are there life jackets on board?

Can I order drinks and food on board?

Can I smoke?

Can I ride with a dog or two cats?

Are there blankets on board? What material are they made from?

How is child safety ensured? Are there baby life jackets on board?

Can I rent the entire boat?

Are there any sick bags on board?

Is there a toilet on board?

Can you land me elsewhere?

Will there be stops?

Do your vessels have an open deck?

Is there an enclosed deck?

Do you have certificates, boat licenses?

What is the experience of the captains? Do they have documents?

What sights and bridges will I see?

Which rivers and channels will we sail?

Can I change the data of the rental to another day if the weather is bad?

Can I order my own catering and decoration?

Is there a cork fee?

Can I let off fireworks?

Is there music?

Can I play my music on a flash drive?

Can I change the position of the tables or chairs?

Is it possible to lay the tables on the open deck if the weather is good?

Can I order a marriage registration for the ship?

What is a mobile buffet on the boat?

Can I pay a bride price on a boat?

Can you pick us up at the wedding palace?

Does a vessel has enough space? Will it be overcrowded?

What should I do if the motorboat fails to depart or break down?

Do you have a plasma display panel or a projector?

Can I use a microphone?

Is there a refrigerator?

Which ship has karaoke?