Questions and answers (boat trips and rent vessels in Russia)

What is the best way to dress for a night out on marine transport?

It is always cooler on the water by 2-3 degrees, and it’s often windy, so you’re better off dressing warmer than if you were just going for a walk. By the way, all ships have an enclosed deck and blankets are provided to passengers.

How do I get to the pier? Where can I find information?

The address of the departure berth is indicated on the route map of the tour you have chosen on our website. It’s also available in its description. With the help of Google or Yandex maps, you can pave the way from your location to the desired berth.

Can I take food or drinks on board?

You can take water and other non-alcoholic drinks. You can’t take alcohol and products with you due to sanitary and hygiene reasons.

Can I change my ticket to another day if the weather is bad?

No, the ticket can’t be changed to another day. Only under force majeure conditions, under which the ship is inactive due to safety reasons, we can reschedule the voyage. Bad weather or rain does not constitute such a case.

Are there life jackets on board?

On board any vessel there’s a required number of life jackets. Without their presence, the River Register won’t allow the vessel to work.

Can I order drinks and food on board?

Some routes are served with ships with a cafe/bar on board. Our website, you can find detailed information about all vessels serving our voyages. You can find information on the availability of a bar on board in the tour card.

Can I smoke?

You can do it in strictly designated areas.

Can I ride with a dog or two cats?

Pets aren’t allowed on board.

Are there blankets on board? What material are they made from?

There are warm blankets on board.

How is child safety ensured? Are there baby life jackets on board?

As a rule, parents or accompanying persons are responsible for the safety of children. To ensure complete safety, every vessel presented on our website is required to have both adult and baby life jackets.

Can I rent the entire boat?

Yes, you can rent the entire boat by opening the “Ships, boats or yachts” tab, depending on which ship you are interested in.

Are there any sick bags on board?

Sick bags are available only aboard our Meteor hydrofoil vessels, which take to the open sea and the effect of motion sickness can be felt on the high waves. On other ships, they aren’t available because the sea is generally calm in the coastal area.

Is there a toilet on board?

On each boat, there is a toilet room. On large boats with a capacity of up to 8-10 people, there is also a latrine. More accurate information is available in the description of the vessel.

Can you land me elsewhere?

You can only land at the pier provided by the route.

Will there be stops?

It depends on the route you choose. Detailed information is provided in the route description.

Do your vessels have an open deck?

All single-deck and double-deck ships have an open deck. Our high-speed Meteor hydrofoil vessels don’t have an open deck. Detailed information on the vessel of your interest can be found in its description.

Is there an enclosed deck?

Yes. On each boat, there is an enclosed cabin, usually with panoramic windows, where you can hide from the wind or rain.

Do you have certificates, boat licenses?

Yes, every ship has all the required permits.

What is the experience of the captains? Do they have documents?

Without the proper documents, the captain wouldn’t be allowed to work, so the answer to the question: definitely yes. As for the experience, it’s different in each case.

What sights and bridges will I see?

The main sights, which you will see during the voyage, are indicated in the route description in the "Sights" section.

Which rivers and channels will we sail?

It will depend on the route you choose. Basically, the excursions pass along the rivers Neva, Fontanka, Moika. There are several routes along the Griboedov Canal and along the Middle and Small Nevka. On the page of each tour, you can see the route traced on the map.

At what age can a child take a river cruise on his own?

A child should be of majority age to be able to do this.


Can I change the data of the rental to another day if the weather is bad?

You can’t change the rental day only because of bad weather. Only under force majeure conditions, when the ship is inactive due to safety reasons, we can reschedule the voyage. Bad weather or rain is not such a case.

Can I order my own catering and decoration?

If required, you can discuss such an order by phone with our manager.

Is there a cork fee?

If required, you can discuss such an order by phone with our manager.

Can I let off fireworks?

Due to safety reasons, it’s forbidden to use any pyrotechnic devices on the vessel (torches, firecrackers, fireworks, Bengal fires, firing rockets, etc.).

Is there music?

Each ship is equipped with speakers and a radio. You can ask the captain to tune in to your favorite radio station or bring a flash drive with your music.

Can I play my music on a flash drive?


Can I change the position of the tables or chairs?

In the enclosed lounge, tables and chairs are arranged according to the format of the event and the wishes of the customer. On the open deck, it’s also possible if there’s no permanently installed furniture.

Is it possible to lay the tables on the open deck if the weather is good?

If required, you can discuss such an order by phone with our manager.

Can I order a marriage registration for the ship?

It depends on the ship, and whether it has enough space for this. As a rule, double-deck motor ships have enough space for holding such an event.

What is a mobile buffet on the boat?

These are snacks delivered to the vessel in lunch boxes, without the waiting service or laying the table.

Can I pay a bride price on a boat?

Yes, you can.

Can you pick us up at the wedding palace?

Yes, a motor ship can be served to any registry office located near the rivers and canals of the city (except the Obvodny Canal). However, it’s worth considering that when ordering the mooring of a vessel to the berths that are not related to its base, extra costs are paid for the run and its mooring to another berth.

Does a vessel has enough space? Will it be overcrowded?

In the description of each motor ship, the comfortable passenger capacity is indicated for a banquet or official buffet. This information has already been verified in practice.

What should I do if the motorboat fails to depart or break down?

Any vehicle can break down and a ship isn’t an exception. When renting our boat, in this situation, we guarantee the replacement of the ordered boast with a boast of the same class or a vessel of a higher class for no extra fee.

Do you have a plasma display panel or a projector?

Most modern ships are equipped with a plasma display panel. Check out the ship description for exact information.

Can I use a microphone?

If required, you can specify such an order with our manager by phone.

Is there a refrigerator?

You can select the ships with a refrigerator using the tag "refrigerator" or "kitchen".

Which ship has karaoke?

You can select the ships with karaoke equipment using the tag "karaoke".